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What is S3MediaVault?

(Watch the video above to learn how you can securely store and deliver Video, Audio, PDF, Doc, Zip and other media files right from your web site, and allow your members to easily access them from a secure, members-only section on your website.)

S3MV Audio Player

Podcasting Confessions - Episode 1
00:00:00 00:00:00
00:00:00 00:00:00

The player above is a working demo of the S3MediaVault Audio Player. In the example, it is configured to securely play the 1st episode of my private Audio Book, "Podcasting Confessions". The audio file has been securely stored on Amazon S3, delivered through Amazon CloudFront, and the audio will only play from this web site. Even if you do a view source of the file and try to grab the direct MP3 URL, that link will not work after 15 minutes from a different computer or device (email it to yourself and try to open the link after 15 minutes - it won't work).


S3MV Video Player

The player above is a working demo of the S3MediaVault Video Player. In the example, it is configured to securely play a MP4 video file that has been securely stored on Amazon S3, delivered through Amazon CloudFront, and the video will only play from this web site. Even if you do a view source of the file and try to grab the direct MP4 URL, that link will not work after 15 minutes from a different computer or device (email it to yourself and try to open the link after 15 minutes - it won't work).


Video Playlist (Screenshot)

Multi-Video Playlist with optional Continuous Play - so you can deliver multiple course videos as one single, compact, playlist, instead of having a whole bunch of videos down a long-scrolling page.


Audio Playlist (Screenshot)


Prettiest Audio Player on the Planet!

  1. 1
    Large "Play" button
  2. 2
    Customizable Title for the audio. If you don't provide it, it will display file name.
  3. 3
    "Download" icon that provides a direct link to the audio file, and upon being clicked, will give user option to either "Save" the file or "Open" it. Very similar to any other file you download from the web.
  4. 4
    Smart-Speed: Clicking on it allows the playback to play at speeds of 1x, 1.5x and 2x. And the smart-speed feature speeds up the audio by cutting out the dead-air, gaps and silences, and will make the overall audio sound faster and won't make the person speaking sound like a chipmunk :-)
  5. 5
    Starting timestamp always shows how much time has elapsed since the audio started playing.
  6. 6
    Nice and big "scrubber" allows the listener to easily fast-forward or rewind the audio according to their convenience.
  7. 7
    Fully customizable Player color (player background). Comes with a easy-to-use Color Picker with a full color palette that lets you pick any color of your choice for the player background. You can also enter Hexadecimal codes (like "#0faacc") if you already know what color you wish to use.
  8. 8
    Has a border that also has a color picker and you can choose any color for the border as well.
  9. 9
    Ending timestamp always shows how much time is left in the audio being played.
  10. 10
    Fully customizable Audio Artwork that you can configure using any Image URL hosted anywhere online - including, of course, on your own WordPress site in your Media Library.

S3MediaVault Features

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    Made for Amazon S3 & CloudFront: It can securely deliver files via both Amazon S3 and CloudFront 
  • CloudFront Integration: Blazing-fast media loading speeds for your members. Up to 45% faster loading speeds for videos and audio compared to using just S3 alone.
  • "True Streaming" of Videos: Impossible-to-download, Secure Video Streaming for your most important videos that you may not want even your paying members to be able to download.
  • HLS Video Streaming support: "HTTP Live Streaming", aka HLS, is a media streaming protocol for delivering visual and audio media online. It was created by Apple in 2009. In v11, S3MediaVault.com currently supports HLS Video Streaming
  • Mission: Impossible Download: Using Amazon's MediaConvert API's and HLS Streaming, your MP4 video is chopped up into short, 10 second chunks, and then delivered online in chunks to the viewer. And the MP4 video becomes a flowing stream with the extension M3U8. And because the video is never downloaded to the browser, but streamed in real-time, it is impossible to download to your computer, not even using browser extensions like VideoDownloader, for eg. Only way to download the video is if you create a separate download link, because you want your members to download the video. Or they would have to use a screen-capture tool. So basically, it's impossible to download, unless you want them to.
  • Works on ALL devices: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Mac and every Operating System ever created!
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    Mobile-Responsive Video & Audio player will look- and work great on devices of all shapes and sizes
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    HTML5 Video Player - No Flash Required
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    HTML5 Audio Player No Flash Required
  • Video Playlist: Bundle any number of Amazon S3 files or public mp4 links to create a combined Video Playlist Player.
  • Audio Playlist: Bundle any number of Amazon S3 files or public mp3 links to create a combined Feed Player - aka Audio Playlist Player.
  • Built-in File Protection: Protect all of your files - like PDF, Doc, Zip, Exe, even Images!
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    Protects your Video, Audio and other Files from being illegally shared with unauthorized members.
  • S3 & CloudFrontCreate the audio playlist using secure S3 or CloudFront URL's, or any publicly stored mp3 url's stored anywhere like on your own WordPress site, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.
  • Clickable Timestamps: Insert clickable timestamp links below your videos, with a description, so that the viewer can jump right to certain points in the video that interests them.
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    Customizable Player Controls: Remove player controls (not recommended) from the video for webinar replays or sales videos.
  • Advanced Media Analytics:  Track Shortcode loads Per User, Track Video Views Per User, Remember Video Play Progress Per User
  • Time-Delay Buttons & HTML Content: You can now take a pre-created button or HTML content (like text, images, etc), set it to be initially hidden, and then make it appear below the video at a specific time (you can configure how many seconds into the video it should appear).
  • It's a WordPress Plugin - installs in seconds with a 5-minute setup
  • 1-Click CloudFront setup: A single button click sets up CloudFront integration end-to-end. Just add Amazon Security Keys (detailed videos show you how)
  • Transcriptions: S3MediaVault now integrates with Amazon Transcribe, which is one of the world's leading Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems. It allows you to analyze audio files stored in Amazon S3 and have the service return a text file of the transcribed speech.
  • 1-Click Transcriptions: In the Media Manager page, S3MV will show you the list of all files in your S3 bucket. Click a link and get a transcription in minutes.
  • 1-Click CloudFront setup: A single button click sets up CloudFront integration end-to-end. Just add security keys.
  • S3 Media Manager: Manage all S3 files from within the plugin. Never have to log in to S3 (other than one time during setup to get the Security Keys).
  • Full S3 Browser: Browse and Choose S3 files to use with the shortcodes, with just one click.
  • Instant Playlists: Just select the "Playlist" option, leave file name blank, and all Videos or Audio in that bucket (or sub-folder) will automatically be turned into an Instant playlist. Choose "Audio Playlist", leave file name field blank, then all (and only) audio files in the bucket (or sub-folder) will be used to create an Instant Audio Playlist. Select "Video Playlist", leave file name field blank, then all (and only) the video files in that bucket (or sub-folder) will be used to create an Instant Video Playlist.

Player & Shortcode Analytics

(Click image to view full size)

(Click image to view full size)


Smart Speed

(Smart Speed lets you play video from 0.5x to 2x speed)


Advanced Shortcode Editor


Why do I even need Amazon S3 to store my files? I have my own web site and hosting.

  • Regular web hosting is not meant for media hosting- no, not even if you have a VPS or a Dedicated Server. Standard web hosts are not optimized for serving large files - like Video, Audio - and not suitable for even delivering smaller files like PDF reports, Zip files, MS Word Docs, MS Excel files etc. This is more critical if the files are being downloaded hundreds (or even thousands) of times a day from your website, sometimes many of them simultaneously, as a whole bunch of your paying and free members and subscribers all try to access those files.

  • If all of your media files - like Video (.mp4), Audio (.mp3) and other files like PDF, Zip and Doc - are stored right on your web site, and you have a number of such video, audio and other files, then a lot of visitors and members viewing and downloading them from your site will use up a lot of resources on your server – like site loading time, server memory, server bandwidth, etc.

  • In turn, that could cause your web site to slow down considerably - or worse, completely crash. In addition, there may also be bandwidth charges or resource over-utilization penalties that many web hosts charge you with, for all of those downloads. And those fees can turn out to be expensive, or may even get your site shut down or banned.


My web host offers "Unlimited Bandwidth"

  • Don’t be mislead by your web host’s “Unlimited Bandwidth” clause, because if you read the fine-print carefully, you’ll see that as per their TOS, if you consume large amounts of bandwidth and use too much of the server resources, this could cause other web sites (belonging to others) on the same server to slow down and have a degrade in performance, especially if you are on a shared hosting account.

  • And they could consider this abuse of their TOS, and could either slap you with huge bandwidth or server utilization fees, or may even ask you to take your web site elsewhere because you’re causing issues for other site owners on the same server.

  • There's a reason why Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) - like CloudFlare, Amazon S3 and Akamai - even came into existence, and are so popular, and used by all web sites that serve some form of media (Video, Audio, Documents & Files). Among all of them, Amazon S3 is easily the cheapest, most efficient and heavily optimized for media, and its API's and pricing are perfectly tailored for small businesses and web sites that run membership sites and online courses. All of Amazon's web services (like S3, SES, etc) are also developer-friendly, which is why there are so many developers using those services in creating and plugins and services around their offerings - just like we have created S3MediaVault as a WordPress plugin that integrates with Amazon S3 and can securely embed Video, Audio and Files stored on Amazon S3, into a WordPress Page or Post on your site.


Why can't I store my Videos on YouTube?

  • YouTube videos are great for public videos - like Sales videos, Documentation videos, Tutorial and How-to videos, Feedback videos, Update videos, etc. But they are not suitable for videos in your membership site and online course. You cannot secure a YouTube video. Even if your video is "unlisted", it just means that the video cannot be found in an online search and won't show up in search results on YouTube or Google.

    Even if you put a Youtube video in the member's area, and protect the page itself using a membership plugin like DAP, then once someone does get to the page (because they have paid for it and have a valid username and password to the member's area and are a legitimate paying member), then they can see that your video is being served from Youtube. And if they click on the Youtube logo, it will take them straight to Youtube.com, and they can then pass that Youtube.com URL to their friends and colleagues and post it in an online forum, or Facebook, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to protect a Youtube.com link, because it is on Youtube.com, and not on your site. Which means, no software you install on your site can protect a video on Youtube.com.

  • Don't fall for Video players which try to hide the YouTube logo. Altering the video to remove their logo, or try to hide that it is a YouTube video, is against YouTube's terms of service, and can get your YouTube account (and your Google account suspended, or worse, banned).

  • Plus it looks cheap and unprofessional that you are trying to rip off YouTube just to save a few pennies and hosting the video on a professional host - like Amazon S3.


How will storing my media on Amazon S3 help?

If your files are stored on Amazon S3, then you don’t have to worry about your site slowing down, or you using up too much bandwidth and getting slapped with huge bandwidth fees, because the files are being served from Amazon’s huge S3 servers which have tons more resources and speed compared to your web host.

Plus in the long run, bandwidth is way cheaper on S3 compared to your web host or any other media hosts.

And then add Amazon CloudFront to S3, and now you've got blazing-fast videos and audio for your members living in any part of the world, which is also super-secure, and member-friendly (in the form of audio and video playlists, audio and video players, and expiring download links for your PDF's, docs and zip files.


Can't a membership plugin like DigitalAccessPass (DAP) protect Amazon S3 content?

  • DAP by itself cannot directly protect a file stored on Amazon S3. By default, DAP can only protect files (and any other content) that is on the same web site where DAP is also installed. For large files, we do recommend that you store files on a fast, scalable file server like Amazon S3. Now, the page or post itself (in which you post that Amazon S3 link) can be protected by DAP, and no un-authorized user can even see the content of the page (or the link within that page).

  • However, once a user has authorized access to a page because they’re a member, now they can see the page where you have that Amazon S3 link.

  • It’s similar to posting a public YouTube video on a protected DAP page on your web site. Sure, DAP can protect the page from un-authorized users, but authorized users can actually see the page, and see that it’s a YouTube video, and clicking on that video will directly take them to a page on YouTube.com, which DAP has no control over, and cannot protect once they leave your web site.

  • Similarly, DAP cannot directly protect that external link to your file stored on Amazon S3. And that’s where our Amazon S3 plugin S3MediaVault.com (S3MV) comes into the picture.

  • S3MV can make sure that your files on Amazon S3 cannot be accessed directly by anyone, even if the link were shared with others via email or on a forum, and can ONLY be accessed through a page or post on your web site (web site where you have installed the S3MV WordPress plugin).


Can't I just upload my media to Vimeo?
  • Vimeo.com is just like YouTube, in that, people can upload their videos, there's a common directory to search for and watch videos, it's social in nature, and so on. And Vimeo also has a way to make your video private, which means your video will not show anywhere on Vimeo.com or in recommended videos at the end of other people's videos.

  • However, the one big difference between Vimeo and YouTube's private feature, is that Vimeo has a setting where you can configure your video to ONLY be embedded and played on YourWebsite.com. It's called "whitelisting" - so this is the same thing that S3MediaVault does for S3. It whitelists your domain, so that your video can only play from your web site.

    Now, once you've ensured that your video can ONLY be played on your web site, then you now have to make sure that ONLY a certain group of people - like your registered free members, or your paid buyers, or your monthly subscribers - can even get to that page that has this private video. And that's where you need a membership plugin, like DigitalAccessPass.com.


Can't I just upload my files to Google Drive or Dropbox?

  • Google Drive and Dropbox are not really meant for commercial distribution of files. So while you can use those services to send files to people, or make a back up of your personal or business files, you can't really use them to host videos and audio that you're going to be "playing" and "embedding" in your member's area of your membership site or online course.

  • Also, another issue: Security. If you simply wish to embed a link to a Drobox file or a Google Drive file on your site, that's fine. The real problem is that a member who logs in and sees that link to Dropbox or Google Drive, can actually pass around that direct link to others, and you can't prevent them from doing so, and you cannot protect those links, because those links are pointing to the third-party web sites of Google and Drobox.

  • You may wonder: Won't there be a similar issue with Amazon S3 too? Isn't Amazon S3 also a third-party web site like Drobox? If you did wonder that, then you would be right. That is why, simply taking a regular Amazon S3 link to a file you uploaded to S3, and then inserting it directly into a page on your web site, would have the same issue of lack of security, because anyone who has access to that link, can pass that link to anyone else, publish that in an online forum, or post it on Facebook or Twitter, and you won't be able to do anything to stop it.

  • And that's where you need a plugin like S3MediaVault, which allows you to securely embed regular files, Audio and Video from your Amazon S3 account, on to your web site, in a WordPress Page or Post in the member's area. And the links that S3MediaVault generates, are secure and expiring links that will expire minutes after they're "freshly created" in your member's area. So an authorized member who logs in to the member's area will be able to access the Video, Audio or PDF (or Doc or Zip). But if they tried to copy the link and send it to their friends via email or post it on Facebook or in an online forum, then by the time they do that, the link would've already expired. You the admin can configure how soon the S3MediaVault secure links will expire (we recommend setting it to expire in 15 minutes).

  • So to securely embed a Dropbox link in your member's area in a way that cannot be shared and abused, you would need a plugin similar to S3MediaVault, but developed for Dropbox. Like DropboxMediaVault, or GoogleDriveMediaVault. Unfortunately, there are no such plugins for Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • But we have developed the awesome S3MediaVault just for Amazon S3 and WordPress. And S3 is one of the best options available, S3MediaVault is one of the best plugins available for S3 and WordPress. So you have everything you need right here.


"Only S3" vs. "S3 + CloudFront"

CloudFront is an additional layer that sits on top of your Amazon S3 bucket, and speeds up the delivery of the media in your S3 bucket.

Think of it as adding "Turbo Boost" to your S3 media.

The image on the left shows that your Amazon S3 bucket is a single location stored in the cloud, and when visitors to your website from all over the world try to access a video, audio, pdf or other media stored in that S3 bucket, they are still served those files from that one central location. Which means, the farther they are geographically from your S3 bucket, the longer (even if it's just milliseconds longer) it will take to serve them the file.

But CloudFront has various "edge locations" (those little clouds you see in the image on the right) spread globally. So when a US visitor tries to access, say, a video in your online course, if it's the first time, then the "edge location" (cloud) closest to that person, will copy that file from your S3 bucket to the local cloud. And from that point onwards, every US person who tries to access that video, will be served that video from the local cloud, and not from the S3 bucket. And because Amazon has these edge locations all over the world, your visitors from all over the world will see that your videos, audio and PDF start loading super-fast, because it's loading from a local cloud that's closest to them.

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You can get a S3MediaVault Unlimited-site license for Free (a $199/yr value) if...

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* Lifetime License is a one-time payment - NO recurring fees. You get upgrades and support for life.

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* 100% Money-back Guarantee within 30 days.

* Cancel at any time - no questions asked. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose access to the plugin and other benefits and bonuses, if any, and the plugin will no longer work on your website(s).

* All new releases are backward-compatible - they will work with your existing (and old) shortcodes, if you've been using S3MediaVault for a while. No need to modify any of your current pages which already have S3MediaVault shortcodes. No changes will be made to any of your current S3MV settings or shortcodes.

S3MediaVault for FREE!

You can get a Free, Unlimited-site license of S3MediaVault, if...

1. You are a DigitalAccessPass (DAP) Platinum Member

2. You are a SubscribeMe Digital Marketing Academy Member (certain levels)

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It's also about Delivering it to your Members and Buyers in a way that makes it easy for them to actually consume the content.

After all, they've paid you for that content. So make sure they can get to it easily. And that they can consume it right on your website, and also have the option to download it for offline use.

S3MediaVault gives your members both those options.

And it will also make sure nobody can share your premium content with other unauthorized users.

It's a win-win for you and your members.

And this is just the beginning - there's a lot more to come for S3MediaVault.

Our goal is to make this the #1 WordPress Plugin for securely delivering digital content - like Video, Audio & PDF.

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S3MediaVault is developed and supported by the creators of other premium WordPress plugins, like DigitalAccessPass.com, CoolCastPlayer.com, SmartPayCart.com and more.

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