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Securely Embed Video, Audio, PDF (and any file) From Amazon S3 into Your WordPress Website (supports S3 & CloudFront)

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What is S3 Media Vault?

If you have S3 media files - like Video, Audio, PDF, etc. - in your Amazon S3 account, and you wish to protect them, and embed them in your WordPress website, membership site or online course, and prevent them from being shared illegally with unauthorized users, then S3MediaVault is the WordPress plugin that can help you do that.

Videos: If you have Video files (mp4) in your S3 account, S3MediaVault can create a beautiful Secure Video Player for your S3 Videos. Your members can watch the videos right on a page on your website, as well as download them if you want them to. You can also create download links for the videos right below the video so that your paying members can download your premium content for offline viewing.

S3MediaVault is also the first-ever WordPress plugin that lets you create encrypted Streaming Video and Streaming Audio.

"Impossible to Download" Streaming Videos: We highly recommend allowing paying members to download your content for offline use. And S3MediaVault very much allows you to create secure download links for all of your content - Video, Audio, PDF, etc. However, for some reason, if you do *not* want anyone to download your videos/audio, then S3MediaVault can do that too. S3MediaVault allows you to create HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) Videos with industrial-strength AES 128-Bit Encryption for both your videos and audio. This is "True Streaming" at its best, with the strongest security available for streaming videos and audio. None of your website visitors, subscribers, or members will be able to download your videos from your website. Even software like Internet Download Manager (IDM) or browser extensions like Video Downloader or Video DownloadHelper will not be able to download your streaming video or audio. S3MediaVault is the only WordPress plugin that can create this level of security. Check out our encrypted streaming demo here.

Multi-Resolution Streaming with "Resolution Switcher" and "Video Stream Optimization": S3MediaVault allows you to create streaming video in multiple resolutions. You can choose the resolutions in the Settings page - 1080p, 720p, 360p, 240p and 144p. And S3MediaVault automatically encodes your video in all of those resolutions with a single click. And when the viewer clicks play on the video, the S3MediaVault video player will automatically choose the lowest-but-best resolution for the viewer based on their internet speed. So, if they're watching from a device which has slow internet speeds (like 3G, or 4G or maybe they're using a service that doesn't offer high-speed internet, or maybe throttles mobile access), the player will serve them the most optimized quality of video. That means, your streaming videos will load quickly for them regardless of their internet speed, saving them on their bandwidth bill, as well as saving you on your AWS bandwidth bill (win/win FTW!).

In addition, just like you can do on YouTube, your viewers will be able to change the resolution to a higher or lower number, and the switch will happen seamlessly without affecting their viewership experience.

Audio: If you have Audio files (mp3, wav, aac) in your S3 account, S3MediaVault can create a stunningly beautiful Secure Audio Player for your S3 Audio. Your members can listen to the audio right on a page on your website, as well as download them (if you want them to, of course).

[NEW] "Impossible to Download" Streaming Audio: We recommend allowing paying members to download your content for offline use. And S3MediaVault very much allows you to create secure download links for all of your content - Video, Audio, PDF, etc.

But if you don't want them to download your audio for whatever reason, S3MediaVault now lets you create "impossible to download" Streaming Audio with the same AES 128-Bit Encryption for your audio files as well (same technology used for Streaming Videos). Your website visitors, subscribers, or members will not be able to download your audio from your website even if they use software like "Internet Download Manager" (IDM) or browser extensions like "Video Downloader".

PDF/Zip/DocIf you have PDF, Doc, Zip, Images or any file with any extension, S3MediaVault can create secure download links for those on any page on your website.

Whatever content you have in your Amazon S3 account, S3MediaVault can securely deliver them in your WordPress website. And all of the links to the Video, Audio & PDF, etc. - are secure, expiring, links. Which means, they won't work if they're passed around or shared illegally with unauthorized users.

Delivering PDF Files: You have 4 different options to deliver PDF files to your members.

1) Download Link: Give them a download link to download the PDF and then they can open it using standard Adobe PDF reader on their device.

2) Give them an option to view the PDF directly on your website - we have a built-in reader for this. Using this option, it's a lot harder for the average person to download the file. So use this option only if you do not want them easily downloading the file.

3) Embed the PDF directly inside a WordPress Page or Post on your website - we have a built-in reader for this. The built-in reader in S3MediaVault is based off of regular Adobe PDF standards. So no special PDF software required.

4) NEW: PDF Watermarking: You can watermark PDFs with the member's own personal information - like Name, Email, Username, and IP (and combinations thereof) - to discourage your members from sharing their personal copy with other unauthorized users. You can configure the Size of the Watermark, its Color, Opacity and Position (Top-Center, Diagonal & Bottom-Center).

Upload the original to your WordPress Media section, or to any location on your website. The original is never modified.

When your member clicks on the link to view the PDF, a copy of your original is made in real-time, the watermark is added to every page, and the new watermarked copy is what your member will see. Which they will then be able to view in the browser, and also download if they wish to, via the PDF download icon.

S3MediaVault works with both Amazon S3 & CloudFront to protect your Videos, Audio & PDF (and files with any extension) in your S3 account. And by also using CloudFront, you can also deliver them at blazing-fast speeds to your website visitors and members, wherever they are located in the world.

S3MediaVault has a Voice Recorder & Voice Mail feature. This offers you the easiest and simplest way to get your Audience to record their Voice and leave you Voicemail directly from your website. Imagine being able to get audio feedback from your audience: Audio Recordings from your Website Visitors, Fans, Followers, Podcast Listeners, YouTube subscribers, Social Media Followers, Current- and Future Customers, Members, Coaching Clients, Challenge Participants, Friends and Family, Business Associates and most importantly, your 1000 True Fans.

S3MediaVault also has Features like Video & Audio Playlists, Play Time and Usage Analytics, ability to show Closed Captions in your videos (aka sub-titles) using .vtt (WebVTT) files for both single videos as well as Video Playlists, Captions for Streaming Audio, ability to do 1-Click Transcriptions of your audio and video (S3MediaVault internally uses Amazon's AWS Transcribe to automate the transcriptions), has the Prettiest Audio Player on the Planet which is super-customizable, In-Video Ads where you can show any kind of ad (HTML, Video, Audio, Text, Image, etc) on your own Videos as well as even on YouTube videos, show a Watermark of either an Image (eg., your Logo) or Text, make the logo or text watermark clickable, etc.

Personalized Dynamic Watermarks: S3MediaVault now offers a cool new feature where you can show a personalized dynamic watermark on the video that your member is watching. And this watermark can show any of the following information - Email, Username, Full Name, IP, Name & Email, or Name/Email/IP - of the viewer who's logged in to WordPress and actually watching the video.

S3MediaVault can also do Sticky, Picture-in-Picture videos (that floats with the viewer as they scroll down the page, like you see on Facebook or Twitter); Pause at CuePoint and show a Custom HTML message below the video only to logged-in users, and when they log in and go back to the same page, the video will now recognize that they're now logged into WordPress, and will play through to the end without any interruptions; Ability to use video files with 4:3 and 9:16 aspect ratio, both Standard and Streaming, without any black bars showing up on either side of the video. You can now choose from 16:9 (default), 4:3 (squarish) and 9:16 (vertical).

You can also securely Embed your Videos, Audio and PDF's on any third-party website - could be your own WordPress website, or a non-WordPress website, like Wix, Medium, Squarespace, etc. Install S3MV on a WordPress site, then embed your secure S3/CloudFront video on any third-party site using iFrame embed code (just like you can do with YouTube videos, except, S3MediaVault also makes your content secure and will not allow anyone else to embed the same code on their website).

[NEW] 360 Degree Videos: S3MediaVault is the first and only WordPress Plugin to support Standard 360 Degree videos, 360 Cube Map, 360 TB Equirectangular, 360 Equi-Angular Cubemap (EAC), and 180 Degree videos - that are also Secure and with support for S3 and CloudFront.

If you have Video, Audio or PDF, and you are using WordPress, no other WordPress plugin even comes close to the Automation, Power, Ease-of-Use, Features, Pricing - and most importantly, Support - offered by S3MediaVault.

Chris Lema, ChrisLema.com

"The S3MediaVault (S3MV) plugin is maybe the plugin that's been doing this the longest. I'm not sure I can recall a plugin that has been in the game longer than this one. I wrote about it once before.

This works for all your normal image files as well as your video. But it also is fantastic at delivering other files (digital downloads, PDF files, etc).

For people who don't just want to use S3 to speed up their site, but also to protect their files, S3MV does a fantastic job at it by encrypting video, for example. If you've ever been worried that someone would pay to access your protected files and then turn around and sell them on their own site, you don't have to worry anymore.

Other than when you're setting things up, you'll never have to log into AWS. Everything is managed from the WordPress plugin."

Chris Lema is a Blogger, Public Speaker, known for his storytelling. VP of Products at Nexcess, a Liquid Web brand, where he's designed and launched the first hosting platform dedicated to WooCommerce.

Sarena Miller, We2Network.com

"S3MediaVault works flawlessly and I love how simple it is to use.

I have been using it since 2016 for videos and documents that make up several online courses, and in 2018 for the launch of a new membership site.

It’s versatile, with a lot of features and capabilities, as well as customization options.

I had never used Amazon AWS or S3 before, thankfully Ravi’s instructions made setting it up a breeze.

The documentation and how-to videos are set up so thoughtfully, they are neat, concise and super easy to follow!

I’ve recommended S3MediaVault to clients who now use it, as well!

I know that my clients will be very well taken care of; Ravi has customer service that is second to none. Over and above.

Thank you Ravi!"

S3MediaVault Demos

Amazon S3 Audio Player (screenshot)

The image above is a screenshot of the S3MediaVault Audio Player for Amazon S3 & CloudFront. The demo it is configured to securely play the 1st episode of my private Audio Book, "Podcasting Confessions". The audio file has been securely stored on Amazon S3, delivered through Amazon CloudFront, and the audio will only play from this web site. Even if you do a view source of the file and try to grab the direct MP3 URL, that link will not work after 15 minutes from a different computer or device (email it to yourself and try to open the link from a different device after 15 minutes - it won't work). Of course, you can configure the 15 minute expiration to be as little as 1 minute, or more, if you wish.

Corey Taylor, SkilledMusician.com

"I am using S3 Media Vault for my Membership Site and it works absolutely fantastic! I can't believe how easy it is. It works flawlessly! I’ve even tried to break in and steal my own videos, as a test, and I was unable.

The video player is beautiful and extremely easy to work with in my Wordpress site. I’ve decided to use this plugin on all of my sites, because with every other solution I’ve tried, I’ve found the “members-only” content I created being downloaded and used by people who weren’t supposed to have access.

This plugin is light years beyond the closest competitor!

One of the best decisions I’ve made in regards to protecting content. After having such success here, it has made me check out some of the other products the team has created, and I’m considering purchasing them!!!

Well done! Thank you so much!"

Corey Taylor created this company because he hated seeing musicians not maximizing their potential. So, he wanted to give musicians, of every skill level, every resource possible to help them improve.

Rotimi Amurawaiye, ParentingEdge.co

"I purchased S3MediaVault after looking at virtually all similar plugins on the internet and found none that offered as many features as the S3MediaVault.

When I read through the list of features, the write-up spoke directly to my needs and it appeared Ravi created this plugin after listening to what I wanted.

I have used this plugin for several months now and I can confidently testify that it has functioned as advertised. It has never conflicted with any other plugin within my Admin Dashboard, and has worked harmoniously with all the themes I have used on my website.

The support is personal, friendly, prompt and efficient. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending this plugin to everyone who intends to store video and audio files on Amazon S3, for secure streaming on their WordPress site."

ParentingEdge is an organization with a vision borne out of an intense desire to help children grow normally within the family and school setting and in the larger society, without suffering the consequences and psychological detriment of poor parenting.

Amazon S3 Video Playlist (Screenshot)

Multi-Video Playlist with optional Continuous Play - so you can deliver multiple course videos as one single, compact, playlist, instead of having a whole bunch of videos down a long-scrolling page.

Amazon S3 Audio Playlist (Screenshot)

Prettiest S3 Audio Player on the Planet!

  1. 1
    Large "Play" button
  2. 2
    Customizable Title for the audio. If you don't provide it, it will display file name.
  3. 3
    "Download" icon that provides a direct link to the audio file, and upon being clicked, will give user option to either "Save" the file or "Open" it. Very similar to any other file you download from the web.
  4. 4
    Smart-Speed: Clicking on it allows the playback to play at speeds of 1x, 1.5x and 2x. And the smart-speed feature speeds up the audio by cutting out the dead-air, gaps and silences, and will make the overall audio sound faster and won't make the person speaking sound like a chipmunk :-)
  5. 5
    Starting timestamp always shows how much time has elapsed since the audio started playing.
  6. 6
    Nice and big "scrubber" allows the listener to easily fast-forward or rewind the audio according to their convenience.
  7. 7
    Fully customizable Player color (player background). Comes with a easy-to-use Color Picker with a full color palette that lets you pick any color of your choice for the player background. You can also enter Hexadecimal codes (like "#0faacc") if you already know what color you wish to use.
  8. 8
    Has a border that also has a color picker and you can choose any color for the border as well.
  9. 9
    Ending timestamp always shows how much time is left in the audio being played.
  10. 10
    Fully customizable Audio Artwork that you can configure using any Image URL hosted anywhere online - including, of course, on your own WordPress site in your Media Library.

Cindy Wyckoff, BrightenYourLight.com

I absolutely love S3MediaVault!

It's perfect for streaming my videos and protecting them from unwanted downloading, if desired. There are so many features that this plugin offers, such as speed playback control, transcriptions, enabling captions, redirect at end of video, in-video ads, watermarks, and more.

So much versatility! You need to check it out. And I love how supportive Ravi is, how he listens to his customers and continues to add awesome features to S3MediaVault.

Cindy is the Founder and Owner at Brighten Your Light, Web Designer Extraordinaire, and Former Owner/Editor-in-Chief at Scrapbook Dimensions Magazine

Rafael Roldan, JoyState.org

S3MediaVault seemed the best option after an extensive research and – God! – we were right.

It is a simple-to-use yet feature-rich and powerful plugin for managing and displaying your videos and audios stored in AWS S3 service.

Support is superb and helped us many times with complete care and full attention, always leading to quick and effective solutions.

I definitely recommend S3MediaVault and plan to use it even more in the future.

Player & Shortcode Analytics

(Click image to view full size)

(Click image to view full size)

Smart Speed

(Smart Speed lets you play video from 0.5x to 2x speed)

Advanced Shortcode Editor

Click image below to open full-size image in a new tab.
Then close that tab to come back to this screen.

Click to open Shortcode Editor full image

Drew Laughlin, MarketingConsultantPLR.com

"S3MediaVault has been a critical piece of my membership site (where I use DAP of course) since it was first created.

Before S3MediaVault I had issues with products getting downloaded illegally because I didn’t know how to secure the links properly. S3MV was that solution and I’ve been using it ever since.

The beauty of S3MediaVault is that they continuously add functionality and uses to it. I primarily use it to protect my zip file downloads. But it can be used for so much more. Things like securely streaming videos and audio on your site. It also has a voice recorder and voice mail so website visitors can leave you a voicemail directly from your site! Plus, so much more.

S3MediaVault gets 5-stars from me and my highest recommendation!"

Drew is the Founder of MarketingConsultantPLR.com where he helps local marketing consultants and agencies grow their business and save 95% of their time and money by using pre-made, Private Label Rights products.


Why do I even need Amazon S3 to store my files? I have my own web site and hosting.

  • Regular web hosting is not meant for media hosting- no, not even if you have a VPS or a Dedicated Server. Standard web hosts are not optimized for serving large files - like Video, Audio - and not suitable for even delivering smaller files like PDF reports, Zip files, MS Word Docs, MS Excel files etc. This is more critical if the files are being downloaded hundreds (or even thousands) of times a day from your website, sometimes many of them simultaneously, as a whole bunch of your paying and free members and subscribers all try to access those files.

  • If all of your media files - like Video (.mp4), Audio (.mp3) and other files like PDF, Zip and Doc - are stored right on your web site, and you have a number of such video, audio and other files, then a lot of visitors and members viewing and downloading them from your site will use up a lot of resources on your server – like site loading time, server memory, server bandwidth, etc.

  • In turn, that could cause your web site to slow down considerably - or worse, completely crash. In addition, there may also be bandwidth charges or resource over-utilization penalties that many web hosts charge you with, for all of those downloads. And those fees can turn out to be expensive, or may even get your site shut down or banned.


My web host offers "Unlimited Bandwidth"

  • Don’t be misled by your web host’s “Unlimited Bandwidth” clause, because if you read the fine-print carefully, you’ll see that as per their TOS, if you consume large amounts of bandwidth and use too much of the server resources, this could cause other web sites (belonging to others) on the same server to slow down and have a degrade in performance, especially if you are on a shared hosting account.

  • And they could consider this abuse of their TOS, and could either slap you with huge bandwidth or server utilization fees, or may even ask you to take your web site elsewhere because you’re causing issues for other site owners on the same server.

  • There's a reason why Content Delivery Networks (CDN's) - like CloudFlare, Amazon S3 and Akamai - even came into existence, and are so popular, and used by all web sites that serve some form of media (Video, Audio, Documents & Files). Among all of them, Amazon S3 is easily the cheapest, most efficient and heavily optimized for media, and its API's and pricing are perfectly tailored for small businesses and web sites that run membership sites and online courses. All of Amazon's web services (like S3, SES, etc) are also developer-friendly, which is why there are so many developers using those services in creating and plugins and services around their offerings - just like we have created S3MediaVault as a WordPress plugin that integrates with Amazon S3 and can securely embed Video, Audio and Files stored on Amazon S3, into a WordPress Page or Post on your site.


Why can't I store my Videos on YouTube?

  • YouTube videos are great for public videos - like Sales videos, Documentation videos, Tutorial and How-to videos, Feedback videos, Update videos, etc. But they are not suitable for videos in your membership site and online course. You cannot secure a YouTube video. Even if your video is "unlisted", it just means that the video cannot be found in an online search and won't show up in search results on YouTube or Google.

  • Even if you put a YouTube video in the member's area, and protect the page itself using a membership plugin like DAP, then once someone does get to the page (because they have paid for it and have a valid username and password to the member's area and are a legitimate paying member), then they can see that your video is being served from YouTube. And if they click on the YouTube logo, it will take them straight to YouTube.com, and they can then pass that YouTube.com URL to their friends and colleagues and post it in an online forum, or Facebook, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to protect a YouTube.com link, because it is on YouTube.com, and not on your site. Which means, no software you install on your site can protect a video on YouTube.com.

  • Don't fall for Video players which try to hide the YouTube logo. Altering the video to remove their logo, or try to hide that it is a YouTube video, is against YouTube's terms of service, and can get your YouTube account (and your Google account suspended, or worse, banned).

  • Plus it looks cheap and unprofessional that you are trying to rip off YouTube just to save a few pennies instead of hosting the video on a professional media host, like Amazon S3.


How will storing my media on Amazon S3 help?

If your files are stored on Amazon S3, then you don’t have to worry about your site slowing down, or you using up too much bandwidth and getting slapped with huge bandwidth fees, because the files are being served from Amazon’s huge S3 servers which have tons more resources and speed compared to your web host.

Plus in the long run, bandwidth is way cheaper on S3 compared to your web host or any other media hosts.

Then add CloudFront to the mix on top of S3, and now you've got blazing-fast videos and audio for your members living in any part of the world, which is also super-secure, and member-friendly (in the form of audio and video playlists, audio and video players, and expiring download links for your PDF's, docs and zip files.)


Can't a membership plugin like DigitalAccessPass (DAP) protect S3 content?

  • DAP by itself cannot directly protect a file stored on Amazon S3. By default, DAP can only protect files (and any other content) that is on the same web site where DAP is also installed. For large files, we recommend that you store files on a fast, scalable file server like Amazon S3. Now, the page or post itself (in which you post that Amazon S3 link) can be protected by DAP, and no unauthorized user can even see the content of the page (or the link within that page).

  • However, once a user has authorized access to a page because they’re a member, now they can see the page where you have that Amazon S3 link.

  • It’s similar to posting a public YouTube video on a protected DAP page on your web site. Sure, DAP can protect the page from un-authorized users, but authorized users can actually see the page, and see that it’s a YouTube video, and clicking on that video will directly take them to a page on YouTube.com, which DAP has no control over, and cannot protect once they leave your web site.

  • Similarly, DAP cannot directly protect that external link to your file stored on Amazon S3. And that’s where our Amazon S3 plugin S3MediaVault.com (S3MV) comes into the picture.

  • S3MV can make sure that your files on Amazon S3 cannot be accessed directly by anyone, even if the link were shared with others via email or on a forum, and can ONLY be accessed through a page or post on your web site (web site where you have installed the S3MV WordPress plugin).


Can't I just upload my media to Vimeo?
  • Vimeo.com is just like YouTube, in that, people can upload their videos, there's a common directory to search for and watch videos, it's social in nature, and so on. And Vimeo also has a way to make your video private, which means your video will not show anywhere on Vimeo.com or in recommended videos at the end of other people's videos.

  • However, the one big difference between Vimeo and YouTube's private feature, is that Vimeo has a setting where you can configure your video to ONLY be embedded and played on YourWebsite.com. It's called "whitelisting" - so this is the same thing that S3MediaVault does for S3. It whitelists your domain, so that your video can only play from your web site.
  • Now, once you've ensured that your video can ONLY be played on your web site, then you now have to make sure that ONLY a certain group of people - like your registered free members, or your paid buyers, or your monthly subscribers - can even get to that page that has this private video. And that's where you need a membership plugin, like DigitalAccessPass.com.

  • However, Vimeo only supports Videos. So what about your Audio files? Or PDF/Zip/Doc, etc?

  • Also, Vimeo does NOT offer Encrypted Streaming Video in multiple-resolutions with a resolution-switching video player. Vimeo also doesn't support Audio, and also cannot do Streaming Audio like S3MediaVault can. Vimeo also does not have advanced features like Video Playlists with Captions, ability to show your own In-Video Ads during the video, Audio Playlists, etc.


Can't I just upload my files to Google Drive or Dropbox?

  • Google Drive and Dropbox are not really meant for commercial distribution of files. So while you can use those services to send files to people, or make a back up of your personal or business files, you can't really use them to host videos and audio that you're going to be "playing" and "embedding" in your member's area of your membership site or online course.

  • Also, another issue: Security. If you simply wish to embed a link to a Dropbox file or a Google Drive file on your site, that's fine. The real problem is that a member who logs in and sees that link to Dropbox or Google Drive, can actually pass around that direct link to others, and you can't prevent them from doing so, and you cannot protect those links, because those links are pointing to the third-party web sites of Google and Dropbox.

  • You may wonder: Won't there be a similar issue with Amazon S3 too? Isn't Amazon S3 also a third-party web site like Dropbox? If you did wonder that, then you would be right. That is why, simply taking a regular Amazon S3 link to a file you uploaded to S3, and then inserting it directly into a page on your web site, would have the same issue of lack of security, because anyone who has access to that link, can pass that link to anyone else, publish that in an online forum, or post it on Facebook or Twitter, and you won't be able to do anything to stop it.

  • And that's where you need a plugin like S3MediaVault, which allows you to securely embed regular files, Audio and Video from your Amazon S3 account, on to your web site, in a WordPress Page or Post in the member's area. And the links that S3MediaVault generates, are secure and expiring links that will expire minutes after they're "freshly created" in your member's area. So an authorized member who logs in to the member's area will be able to access the Video, Audio or PDF (or Doc or Zip). But if they tried to copy the link and send it to their friends via email or post it on Facebook or in an online forum, then by the time they do that, the link would've already expired. You the admin can configure how soon the S3MediaVault secure links will expire (we recommend setting it to expire in 15 minutes).

  • So to securely embed a Dropbox link in your member's area in a way that cannot be shared and abused, you would need a plugin similar to S3MediaVault, but developed for Dropbox. Like DropboxMediaVault, or GoogleDriveMediaVault (neither of which exists :-).

  • But we have developed the awesome S3MediaVault just for Amazon S3, CloudFront and WordPress. And S3 is one of the best options available, S3MediaVault is one of the best plugins available for S3, CloudFront and WordPress. So you have everything you need right here.


"S3 Only" vs. 
"Both S3 & CloudFront"

CloudFront is an additional layer that sits on top of your Amazon S3 bucket, and speeds up the delivery of the media in your S3 bucket.

Think of it as adding "Turbo Boost" to your S3 media.

The image on the left shows that your Amazon S3 bucket is a single location stored in the cloud, and when visitors to your website from all over the world try to access a video, audio, pdf or other media stored in that S3 bucket, they are still served those files from that one central location. Which means, the farther they are geographically from your S3 bucket, the longer (even if it's just milliseconds longer) it will take to serve them the file.

But CloudFront has various "edge locations" (those little clouds you see in the image on the right) spread globally. So when a US visitor tries to access, say, a video in your online course, if it's the first time, then the "edge location" (cloud) closest to that person, will copy that file from your S3 bucket to the local cloud. And from that point onward, every US person who tries to access that video, will be served that video from the local cloud, and not from the S3 bucket. And because Amazon has these edge locations all over the world, your visitors from all over the world will see that your videos, audio and PDF start loading super-fast, because it's loading from a local cloud that's closest to them.


Practically Impossible to Download

S3MediaVault offers AES 128-Bit Encrypted HLS True Streaming technology to break up your original video into a number of secure little "segments" (with the extension .ts) - and then loads these pieces in real-time, and stitches them together in real-time, making a video that's practically impossible to download by your viewers.

So if you want secure videos that your viewers can only watch on your website, and not be able to download to their computers, then use S3MediaVault's Streaming Video Player.

You don't have to use the Streaming Player - we recommend using the Standard Video Player for most Content Creators which is totally secure, but then also allows you to offer actual download links for your members. Because your goal as the video or course creator should be to make it easy for them to consume your content by giving them multiple options - like, watch video on website, or download it and watch offline. But if you must make it harder on them for some reason, only then use the HLS True Streaming option.

DISCLAIMER: When we say "practically impossible to download", just note that nothing that is published online is 100% download-proof. Even Netflix and HBO and Amazon Prime videos can be easily pirated by simply firing up a screen-capture tool like Camtasia Studio, or any of the free tools available (like Camstudio).

But if you use our AES 128-Bit Encrypted HLS True Streaming technology to deliver your videos, you can rest assure that 99.99% of your viewers will not be able to download your video. And the reason we stopped short of saying "100% download proof" is because there's no such thing online. 

Even if you sent someone your videos on a secure thumb-drive that is password protected, they can still copy it and upload it to torrent or warez websites and pirate it and share it with unauthorized viewers. Heck, someone can simply just take out their phone and record the video playing on their computer, create an entirely new video out of it, and then illegally share that! So there's really no such things as "100% impossible to download" when it comes to online media. But S3MediaVault is the next best thing to gets as close as you can to "100% download-proof".

You can see in the above image that even the most popular and powerful video downloading software "Internet Download Manager" (IDM) shows an error and fails to download the AES 128-Bit Encrypted True Streaming Videos created by S3MediaVault. Click image to launch demo.

Shalenie Odi-Teves

"I never would've thought there will be an affordable and reliable WordPress plugin that actually protects my videos for my online course! This is the main reason why I bought S3MediaVault. Now, at least I have the peace of mind that all my hard work in preparing my lessons are being consumed only by enrolled students. It is so convenient to use that you don't even have to go to amazon just to upload your videos/files. You can do it within the plugin in your WordPress website and with just a few clicks, its all done!

One more thing, Ravi is very patient to help me out with his awesome support team which is very important for me. I would definitely, absolutely recommend this plugin. Aside from the fact that again, its more affordable than others, yes, I always do a research before purchasing :)

I am already satisfied with how my videos are protected from being downloaded. I'm gonna be looking forward for new cool features in the future, but then again, This is already an awesome plugin!!

Thanks a lot!"

François Ferric, Solupsy.fr

S3MediaVault does the job just right!

Our main value being the video & audio content that we produce, when building our platform I looked for a way to protect it from unwanted download and keeping it for our customers only.

AWS S3 seemed like a good starting point, but I needed a way to simply include it in my WP website securely, and without having to delve into the S3 and WP specifics for too long. An S3MediaVault does just that.

Set up and configuration is pretty straightforward, and it allowed me to seamlessly include my video, audio or pdf content in my website pretty quickly.

The player options for audio, video or even the embedded PDF player are really cool, and I couldn't really ask for more than what's already offered.

Thanks a lot for the hard work, this plugin is awesome and exactly what I needed.

I also want to stress how incredible the support have been so far. Very reactive, always helpful, an example some other module developers should consider following.

François Ferric is founder & owner at Solupsy, a French platform for online psychological support.

Start Your No Risk, 30-Day Trial!

100% Money-back Guarantee!

Try S3MediaVault for 30 days. If you're not 100% satisfied with how it can Secure and Deliver your Premium Digital Content, you can get a 100% "No Questions Asked" Refund. Just send us an email or open a ticket and we'll give you a full refund.

Buy S3MediaVault

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  • One-time payment (no recurring)
  • Secure Video, Audio, PDF, Zip, Doc, etc
  • Secure Video Player
  • Secure Audio Player
  • Secure Download Links for all your files (any extension)
  • Prettiest Audio Player (not ugly WordPress default player) with features like large Play button, customizable colors, download icon, "Smart Speed", etc.
  • Amazon S3 & CloudFront Integration
  • HLS True Streaming
  • AES 128-bit Encrypted Streaming (most secure)
  • Allows you to create Video Streams in multiple resolutions which you can choose: 1080p, 720p, 360p, 240p and 144p. You just need to give it one single file - YourVideo.mp4 - and S3MV will automatically convert it into all those resolutions with a single click.
  • Multi-resolution "Resolution Switcher" in Video Player that allows your viewers to change the quality of the video up or down to suit their internet speed. Saves you and your viewers bandwidth costs.
  • Closed Captioning (Subtitles) in any language
  • File Protector
  • Streaming Video with "Impossible to Download" Encryption
  • Create Secure Download Links for your Video, Audio & PDF which cannot be shared
  • Progressive Downloads Secure Video & Audio
  • Fully Color Customizable Video & Audio Players
  • Muted Autoplay: Video will autoplay showing a message to unmute, and clicking it will restart the video.
  • Single Video Player & Video Playlists
  • Single Audio Player & Audio Playlists
  • Video player has 15-second Forward & Backward "Skip" buttons
  • Detailed Analytics of who watched your Videos and for how long, how many times your download links were clicked, etc.
  • S3 File Browser & File Manager built-in. No need to log in to S3 Web Console. Upload and delete files from within WordPress.
  • Mobile Responsive, HTML5 compliant and works on all devices (mobile and desktop)
  • Instant Media Page (IMP): Express Shortcode Creator to create a single shortcode to embed all files within a folder (so you don't have to repeatedly create shortcodes for each file)
  • Time-Delay Buttons & HTML Content that is initially hidden, and then appear below the video at a specific time.
  • Content Expiration: Choose media (Video, Audio, PDF, etc) to expire either based on Date & Time, or based on number of Views (basically, number of times it is loaded for each member/visitor).1 Year of Upgrades & Support
  • Video Loops: Check a checkbox and turn the video into a looping video that will play continuously on repeat, starting from the beginning each time after it ends.
  • Play Video and Audio files hosted anywhere, like on your website, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Unlimited Upgrades & Support
  • Access to Affiliate Program
  • End of PRO features. ELITE features continue.


Sorry, we no longer offer the PRO license. Please check out our ELITE license.

The Pro is still listed here for comparison and archival purposes only. We have thousands of Pro users who purchased it in the past, and they still might want to know which features they're getting (and what they're missing out on :-)



  • Everything in PRO + everything below 
  • Streaming Audio with "Impossible to Download" Encryption
  • 1-Click Transcriptions of Video & Audio to Text
  • In-Video Ads on Start, Middle & End  (a.k.a Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll & Post-Roll)
  • Multi-Format Ads: Ads can be an Image, Text, Links, Banner Ad, Video, Audio, YouTube Video Embed, WordPress Shortcode, iFrame, or even a Signup Form to build a list
  • Show In-Video Ads on Embedded YouTube videos: Just imagine the possibilities of publishing any YouTube video on your website and showing your own Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll ads on other people's videos!
  • Video Watermarks (Image or Text): You can add a Watermark to your videos. This can be either an Image (eg., Logo), or Text. You can add it in any corner of your video; Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right.

    If you use text, you can choose the text color as well as the background color for that text. Both the image/logo or text can also be linked to any URL of your choice, so that if someone clicks on the image or text, it will open a new tab and take them to that website URL.
  • Personalized Dynamic Watermarks: Add the viewer's Name, Email, Username, IP, Name + Email, Name+Email+IP dynamically to the video they're watching, as a watermark. The Personalized Dynamic Watermark can also be made to move randomly across the screen every "X" seconds ("X" is configurable), all over the video. 

    That means they can't just trim the video along the corners to avoid showing the watermark. The watermark will keep moving all across the screen randomly as the video plays, so if they try to capture your videos, then their private content will be included in the video, and it is unavoidable.
  • Video Lightbox: Open video in a popup lightbox with the background dimmed
  • Prevent Editing of Watermarked PDFs with a Password. This password is for admin use only. Do not share with your members. Without the password, member will not be able to edit the PDF (using tools like Adobe Acrobat) and remove the personalized watermark.
  • Pause at CuePoint and show Below-Video HTML only to non-logged-in users: Make a video stop at a Cue Point and show custom HTML (like a buy button, or a message to log in to continue watching the video) below the video only for non-logged-in members (those not logged into WordPress). If they log in and go back to the same page, the video will now recognize that they're now logged into WordPress, and will play through to the end without any interruptions.
  • AB Loops (or A/B Loops or Custom Loops): Your viewers can now create their own Custom Loops of your videos. If you enable this for a Video shortcode, it will show 3 new items in the player control bar: Start-time, End-time, and Loop On/Off. They can click on the Start-timer at whichever point they want the loop to start, click on the End-timer whenever they want it to stop, and then click "Loop On" and the video will start playing continuously between those two points. If they click "Loop off", the loop will exit, and the video will continue playing as normal till the end.
  • Multiple Aspect Ratios: 16:9 (default), 4:3 (squarish) and 9:16 (vertical), both Standard and Streaming, without any black bars showing up on either side of the video.
  • Make content accessible only to logged-in members (logged in to WordPress). If they're not logged in, show them a customizable error message(eg., giving them a link to where they can sign up to get access, where to log in before they can watch your video, etc).
  • Auto Picture-in-Picture and Floating, Sticky Videos: A very cool new feature you have probably seen on social media sites Twitter and Facebook, where you will be watching a video, and if you scroll down past the video, the video you were watching will shrink in size, and move to the lower right corner of your screen and continues playing at a much smaller size. It continues to float in the lower right corner while you continue reading and keep scrolling down the page. This allows your visitors to keep reading the text on a page while continuing to watch the video.
  • Option to hide Player Speed and Skip icons (Forward and Backward)
  • Disable Full-Screen Mode: If you have a Video watermark, it won't work on iOS devices in full-screen mode because the iOS native video player takes over and eliminates the watermark overlay. You can now disable full-screen mode.
  • Load First Frame: First frame from the actual video will now show as the Splash Image when the video first loads, as long as you've set "Preload" to "Y" or you have set "Show Controls" to "N". No need to create a splash image for every single video, which will save you a ton of time.
  • Bulk-prepare all files for Streaming with one single click. You will see 3 buttons on the Media page: "Prepare all AUDIO for Streaming", "Prepare all VIDEO for Streaming" and "Prepare all VIDEO & AUDIO for Streaming".
  • Upload WP Media Files to S3: You can now upload all WP Media Files to S3 in one click. You can also configure the files to be deleted from WP Media after successful upload to S3 (to your connected bucket in S3MediaVault Settings)
  • Voice Recorder to collect Voice Mail and Audio Messages from your audience (no software or download required by your audience - they can just click a button and leave you a voice mail from your website)
  • Multiple Captions: Ability to add multiple Caption files in different languages, all at the same time, to the same video.
  • Embedding Videos: Ability to securely embed a Video, Audio, PDF or other file, from your WordPress site (where S3MediaVault is installed) on any other third-party website (can be WordPress or non-WordPress) like Medium, SquareSpace, Wix, etc.
  • Ability to Whitelist Domains that are authorized to embed your videos
  • Pause Video If Not In View (viewer scrolls away, minimizes browser or switches tabs): This is an optional feature that you can enable per shortcode, by checking a checkbox. This will help you save bandwidth if your member or viewer is distracted.
  • 2 Additional Styles for Video Playlists: Menu on the Left and Menu on the Right
  • Create Captions for Streaming Audio as well (just increase the player size so that captions can be seen). Super-useful for those with hearing impairment.
  • 360 Degree Videos: Only WordPress Plugin to support Standard 360 Degree videos, 360 Cube Map, 360 TB Equirectangular, 360 Equi-Angular Cubemap (EAC), and 180 Degree videos.
  • Replace All WordPress Native Video & Audio Players with S3MediaVault Video and Audio Players
  • WordPress Hooks for integrating with other plugins
  • Auto-Transcription of Voice Mail*
  • Zapier Integration*
  • Extract Audio from Video*
  • Create Captions in any language*
  • Text Translation into any language*
  • Automated Text-to-Voice Player* for reading out loud your blog posts & articles
  • Audiograms* (Video created from Audio + Image - for sharing Audio on Video platforms)
  • Many more exciting, game-changing features that we can't disclose just yet (can't give away our entire road-map to the competition :-)


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Try S3MediaVault Risk-Free for 30 Days!

30-Day, 100% Money-back Guarantee!

Try S3MediaVault for 30 days. If you're not 100% satisfied with how it can Secure and Deliver your Premium Digital Content, you can get a 100% "No Questions Asked" Refund. Just send us an email or open a ticket and we'll give you a full refund.

* None of our multi-site licenses are agency licenses. We do not offer any Agency Licenses. All of our multi-site licenses like the 2-site, 10-site and Lifetime licenses are all meant for use only on websites owned by a single individual or entity and not meant for use on or to be shared with Client sites, JV sites or Partner/Friend/Associate websites. No license sharing is allowed.

* If you wish to buy licenses for your clients, you may use your own affiliate link to buy it on their behalf using a new email for every new account. That way you can charge them the full price of S3MediaVault, and you get a discount because of the affiliate commissions.

** The Lifetime License is a one-time payment for life. No other payments, ever! You get Upgrades and Support for life.

* Features marked with an asterisk are coming soon and on our to-do list.

S3MediaVault: Protects & Delivers Your Premium Content

It's about more than just Protecting your Premium Content.

It's also about Delivering it to your Members and Buyers in a way that makes it easy for them to actually consume the content.

After all, they've paid you for that content. So make sure they can get to it easily. And that they can both consume it right on your website as well as have the option to download it for offline use. If you must stream it and not allow downloading of your Video or Audio, then S3MediaVault can help you do that too with our Encrypted Streaming Video & Audio.

S3MediaVault allows you to give your members both options. And it can make sure nobody can share your premium content with other unauthorized users, streaming or not.

S3MediaVault is easily the #1 WordPress Plugin for securely delivering digital content like Video, Audio & PDF, given all of its features, like Secure, Expiring links, Progressive Download and Streaming Videos, Video and Audio Players and Playlists, Transcriptions, Closed Captions, and more.

S3MediaVault is the oldest WordPress S3 Video Player plugin in existence. And add to that the fact that we launched in 2009 and are still going strong with tens of thousands of users worldwide, S3MediaVault is as good as it gets if great software, great support and great pricing is what you're looking for.

And we continue to add features all the timeAnd you will get the best value for your money by purchasing our one-time, Lifetime license with lifetime Upgrades & Support.

Or you could also check out our other pricing options.

Jeff Moran

"I just want to give a big shout out to Ravi and the team at S3MediaVault for all the support they have given me over the last few days to set up and install the plugin, so it now runs seamlessly.

Although the plugin itself is actually easy to install with great training videos, I was not familiar with Amazon S3 or some of the technical issues with my host that were no fault of the S3MediaVault team. However, they went the extra mile to sort everything out and I can now say the added value I am now able to offer my customers with the plugin, is second to none and has to be the best product in this field out there to stop your products being stolen.

So again, many thanks!"

Phillip Crum, PracticeMentors.us

"I used S3Bubble (S3B) and their plugin for almost 3 years as my link between my website (PracticeMentors.us) and my AWS/S3 account. Their platform has a lot of functionality (most of which I didn't need or utilize) and it is not easy or intuitive to figure out. To be fair I think they're aiming themselves at an audience of techno-streamers which is probably why I found their support to be almost non-existent.

So after 3 years of that I went looking for a replacement partner and found S3MediaVault.

S3MediaVault does exactly what I need it to do, and then some, and I have found the owner/ developers to be very open to improvement suggestions and new ideas. The plugin has embedded instructions and is far, far, simpler to utilize than S3B was so I got my weekends back! And the price is more than fair as I was paying a solid monthly fee at S3B.

Glad I finally found it, gonna keep it, and if you're looking for a plugin to link your audio and video files from your AWS/S3 account to your site and has most if not all of the bells and whistles you could reasonably expect then I highly recommend you take a look at S3MediaVault."

Paul Coghlan, CoghlanCapital.com

"I have been using S3MV for a year or so now and have found it to be a very useful plugin which allows me to securely integrate videos hosted within the Amazon S3 cloud and play them on my WordPress site. 

For some high value webinars I have utilized the streaming feature which prevents users from downloading the videos, something which works well.

Ravi has been very responsive whenever I have had any issue or a feature request and I am happy to see a detailed changelog being maintained, allowing me to feel secure that best practice processes and procedures are in place, something important to me and my business.

I would highly recommend S3MV to those needing to provide secure access to video/audio assets in the Amazon S3 infrastructure."

S3MediaVault is developed and supported by the creators of premium WordPress plugins like DigitalAccessPass.com, CoolCastPlayer.com, SmartPayCart.com and more.