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Amazon S3 Audio Player

By Ravi Jayagopal | S3MediaVault can create an audio player for your mp3 and wav files stored in your Amazon S3 account.

Click here for a live demo of the S3MediaVault Audio Player.

You can create individual audio players for individual audio files, and publish multiple individual S3 audio players on a single page.

Screenshot of Single Audio Player

Or if you wish to combine a bunch of audio files into a playlist, S3MediaVault also has an Audio Playlist player, where the group of audio files will appear as a playlist. And if they hit play on the first one, then the player will continue playing through the entire playlist, one after the other, until it reaches the end of the player.

Screenshot of Audio Playlist Player

Prettiest Audio Player on the Planet

  1. Large “Play” button
  2. Customizable Title for the audio. If you don’t provide it, it will display the file name.
  3. “Download” icon that provides a direct link to the audio file, and upon being clicked, will give the user the option to either “Save” the file or “Open” it. Very similar to any other file you download from the web.
  4. Smart-Speed: Clicking on it allows the playback to play at speeds of 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. And the smart-speed feature speeds up the audio by cutting out the dead air, gaps, and silences, and will make the overall audio sound faster and won’t make the person speaking sound like a chipmunk 🙂
  5. Starting timestamp always shows how much time has elapsed since the audio started playing.
  6. A nice and big “scrubber” allows the listener to easily fast-forward or rewind the audio according to their convenience.
  7. Fully customizable Player color (player background). Comes with an easy-to-use Color Picker with a full-color palette that lets you pick any color of your choice for the player background. You can also enter Hexadecimal codes (like “#0faacc”) if you already know what color you wish to use.
  8. Has a border that also has a color picker and you can choose any color for the border as well.
  9. The ending timestamp always shows how much time is left in the audio being played.
  10. Fully customizable Audio Artwork that you can configure using any Image URL hosted anywhere online – including, of course, on your own WordPress site in your Media Library.

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