Embed S3MediaVault Video on Another Website - S3 Media Vault - WordPress Plugin for Amazon S3 and CloudFront That Provides a S3 Audio Player and a S3 Video Player

Embed S3MediaVault Video on Another Website

Here's how to embed a video from a SOURCE website (where S3MediaVault is installed) on a different DESTINATION website (which doesn't have to be a WordPress website, and does not need to have S3MediaVault installed):

  1. On Source website, at the bottom of S3MediaVault Settings page, add the domain of the Destination website in the "Whitelist Domains" section.
  2. Edit the shortcode of you wish to embed
  3. At the top, click on the "Embed" button and copy the HTML code provided in the popup that appears
  4. Embed the HTML on the Destination website where you want the video to show up, just like you would embed a YouTube video.

a) You must have an Elite license to use this feature.
b) If it is a Video you wish to embed, it cannot be a "Video Player (streaming)" shortcode, because streaming videos are tied to the domain where you prepared it for streaming and will not work on any other domains even if embedded). So it must be a "Video Player (standard)" shortcode (both S3 and CloudFront as the source will work fine).