Instant Media Page (IMP) - S3 Media Vault - WordPress Plugin for Amazon S3 and CloudFront That Provides a S3 Audio Player and a S3 Video Player

Instant Media Page (IMP)

Instant Media Page (IMP) is a unique and powerful feature of S3MediaVault, where if you have a sub-folder which has a mix of multiple file formats, and you want all of the contents of the sub-folder embedded on a single page, then you can use the IMP shortcode.

This way, one shortcode will securely embed all of the files from that sub-folder, each natively formatted based on the extension. E.g., a mp3 file will become an audio player, a PDF will become a download link, a video will become a video player, etc.


IMPs are great if you wish to quickly embed all files securely on a page without having to create a separate shortcode for each file. However, the downside is that there is only one shortcode - which means the different files will not be tracked separately. The entire shortcode is tracked as a whole. So any audio, video and PDF files within cannot be tracked separately as to how many times a user listened to the audio, how far they watched the video, or how many times they clicked on the PDF link.