Moving / Migrating S3MediaVault - S3 Media Vault - WordPress Plugin for Amazon S3 and CloudFront That Provides a S3 Audio Player and a S3 Video Player

Moving / Migrating S3MediaVault

If you are planning to setupS3MediaVault on a test or staging domain, then here are some things to consider:

  • A sub-domain is technically a different domain compared to your main domain. So and are actually completely different domains, though they are on the same domain.
  • If you test S3MediaVault on a sub-domain, it won't automatically work on the other even if you move over all of the files and database tables.
  • However, a WordPress installation in a sub-folder would still be the same domain as the main one, even if it's a new WordPress installation. So a new WordPress installation at and the WordPress installation at would both be technically the same domain.
  • So if you're planning on testing S3MediaVault somewhere other than your main website, then it's best to install WordPress in a sub-folder (like /staging or /test) and then setup, configure and test S3MediaVault there. Then, when you move everything over to the main WordPress installation, it will work seamlessly without having to re-do any of the setup or configuration.
  • S3MediaVault ties your S3 bucket and CloudFront distribution to your domain for security purposes. So if you test S3MediaVault on a different domain and then switch the license back to the main domain, then even though it's the same bucket, none of your Streaming Videos will work. Standard videos will work, as long as you do the step below.
  • Every time you move S3MediaVault to a different domain (or even if you move away and move back), you have to click on "Save Settings" on the new site, create a new CloudFront distribution, and re-prepare all streaming videos, which could be expensive depending on how many videos you have. This is if you're going to be using CloudFront. If not, then everything will work fine as long as you save the settings again, thus tying the bucket name again to the new domain.
  • Preparing videos for streaming is only required if you are going to create "Streaming Videos" which are different from "Standard Videos".
  • Ideally, you should just test it on the final website where it will continue to exist, that way, you don't have to re-prepare all of the videos (this applies only if you're creating "Streaming Videos" that are really hard to download).