Sharing S3MediaVault Settings With Another Installation - S3 Media Vault - WordPress Plugin for Amazon S3 and CloudFront That Provides a S3 Audio Player and a S3 Video Player

Sharing S3MediaVault Settings With Another Installation

"Streaming" Video & Audio players as well as the CloudFront distribution are all locked in to the domain where you first created the CloudFront distribution and prepared them for streaming.

So you must NOT use the same CloudFront distribution on another domain (by copy/pasting the CloudFront distribution link on to another domain's S3MediaVault settings).

If you wish to embed the same videos and audio on another domain, use the "Embed" option, as long as they are Standard videos/audios, or use Unencrypted Streaming.

Or, if you must embed the same Encrypted Streaming Videos/Audio on multiple websites, then...

* Your only option is to use 2 separate S3 buckets - one for each site, each of which would have its own CloudFront distribution, and a copy of the same videos/audio.

* You will have to prepare the videos/audio for streaming twice (once on each domain), so your AWS cost of storing and encoding the media (encoding is done just once) will double.

* Depending on how many videos/audio there are, it might cost a few dollars or a few hundred (or even a few thousand) dollars.