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S3MediaVault Features

By Ravi Jayagopal | S3MediaVault

Made for Amazon S3 & CloudFront: It can securely deliver files via both Amazon S3 and CloudFront

CloudFront Integration: Blazing-fast media loading speeds for your members. Up to 45% faster loading speeds for videos and audio compared to using just S3 alone.

“True Streaming” Videos: Impossible-to-download, Secure Video Streaming for your most important videos that you may not want even your paying members to be able to download.

HLS Video Streaming support: “HTTP Live Streaming”, aka HLS, is a media streaming protocol for delivering visual and audio media online. It was created by Apple in 2009. In v11, S3MediaVault.com currently supports HLS Video Streaming.

Practically “Impossible” Download: Using Amazon’s MediaConvert API’s and HLS Streaming, your MP4 video is chopped up into short, 10 second chunks, and then delivered online in chunks to the viewer. And the MP4 video becomes a flowing stream with the extension M3U8. And because the video is never downloaded to the browser, but streamed in real-time, it is really hard to download it to your computer, and you can’t do it even using browser extensions like VideoDownloader, for eg. Only way to download the video is if you create a separate download link, because you want your members to download the video. Or they would have to use a screen-capture tool. So basically, it’s practically impossible to download, unless you want them to.
You can also use the Standard S3MediaVault protection of your videos (“progressive downloads”). You don’t have to necessarily use True Streaming.

Works on ALL devices: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Mac and every Operating System ever created!

Mobile-Responsive Video & Audio player will look- and work great on devices of all shapes and sizes

HTML5 Video Player – No Flash Required
HTML5 Audio Player – No Flash Required

Video Playlist: Bundle any number of Amazon S3 files or public mp4 links to create a combined Video Playlist Player.

Audio Playlist: Bundle any number of Amazon S3 files or public mp3 links to create a combined Feed Player – aka Audio Playlist Player.

Built-in File Protection: Protect all of your files – like PDF, Doc, Zip, Exe, even Images!

Protects your Video, Audio and other Files from being illegally shared with unauthorized members.

S3 & CloudFront: Create the audio playlist using secure S3 or CloudFront URL’s, or any publicly stored mp3 url’s stored anywhere like on your own WordPress site, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.

Clickable Timestamps: Insert clickable timestamp links below your videos, with a description, so that the viewer can jump right to certain points in the video that interests them.

Customizable Player Controls: Remove player controls (not recommended) from the video for webinar replays or sales videos.

Advanced Media Analytics: Track Shortcode loads Per User, Track Video Views Per User, Remember Video Play Progress Per User

Time-Delay Buttons & HTML Content: You can now take a pre-created button or HTML content (like text, images, etc), set it to be initially hidden, and then make it appear below the video at a specific time (you can configure how many seconds into the video it should appear).

It’s a WordPress Plugin – installs in seconds with a 5-minute setup

1-Click CloudFront setup: A single button click sets up CloudFront integration end-to-end. Just add Amazon Security Keys (detailed videos show you how)

Transcriptions: S3MediaVault now integrates with Amazon Transcribe, which is one of the world’s leading Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems. It allows you to analyze audio files stored in Amazon S3 and have the service return a text file of the transcribed speech.

1-Click Transcriptions: In the Media Manager page, S3MV will show you the list of all files in your S3 bucket. Click a link and get a transcription in minutes.

S3 Media Manager: Manage all S3 files from within the plugin. Never have to log in to S3 (other than one time during setup to get the Security Keys).

Full S3 Browser: Browse and Choose S3 files to use with the shortcodes, with just one click.

Instant Playlists: Just select the “Playlist” option, leave file name blank, and all Videos or Audio in that bucket (or sub-folder) will automatically be turned into an Instant playlist. Choose “Audio Playlist”, leave file name field blank, then all (and only) audio files in the bucket (or sub-folder) will be used to create an Instant Audio Playlist. Select “Video Playlist”, leave file name field blank, then all (and only) the video files in that bucket (or sub-folder) will be used to create an Instant Video Playlist.


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