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S3MediaVault v24

By Ravi Jayagopal | S3MediaVault

What's in v24.0 & v24.1

  • Just released: S3MediaVault version 24.1
  • NEW: In-Video Ads: You can now show ads within your video (Overlay Ads) at 3 separate locations: At the Start (Pre-roll), anywhere in the middle (Mid-roll) and at the end (Post-roll).

    The content of the ads can be anything: Any image, text, image and/or text with a link, a Video, Audio, any kind of HTML, iFrame, WordPress Shortcode, and even a YouTube video.

    You can use one, or all three ads in the same video (or none, too, of course). This feature is available to Elite licenses only.
  • NEW: YouTube Support: You can now use S3MediaVault to play YouTube Videos. You can still customize the player and use all its features (like speed, fast-forward, rewind, captions, etc) with the YouTube video. It can be a video from your YouTube channel, or any third-party YouTube video that has enabled embedding.
  • NEW: In-Video Ads on YouTube Videos: You can now turn the tables on YouTube and show your own in-video, overlay ads - Pre-roll, Mid-roll and Post-roll - on YouTube videos that you've embedded on your website! How about that!
  • NEW: Voice Recorder and Voice-mail: Accept Voice-Mail from your visitors, fans, followers, members, podcast listeners, YouTube subscribers or just about any other audience, directly from a page on your website. They won't need any special software to leave you voice feedback.
  • NEW: Several performance enhancements made to the Video Player to load faster and utilize fewer resources.
  • NEW: Bug fix in Streaming files creation that might cause issues with certain videos encoded in a specific way.
  • NEW: Introducing new ELITE license. If you purchased a license of S3MediaVault before September 23, 2020, you have a PRO license.
  • All licenses sold up to September 25th are called PRO licenses. And now we've introduced a new license called ELITE.
  • PRO licenses still available for purchase, and are one-time payments.
  • The new ELITE  license is a subscription. See the comparison between PRO and ELITE here.
  • We're adding all upcoming new and major features to ELITE licenses only. So if you want the full-featured version of S3MediaVault with every feature it has now, as well every feature we will ever develop, then choose the ELITE license. You may cancel your ELITE subscription at any time. Cancellation will revoke the license.
  • But if you purchase a one-time PRO license, then it's a one-time payment, and there are no recurring fees. See the feature difference between PRO and ELITE here.
  • Charging a subscription for ELITE allows us to support ongoing research & development and pay for our developers and support folks. But we also want to make sure S3MediaVault is affordable to everyone, which is why we have the less-expensive PRO licenses, which may not have as many features as ELITE, but is still packed with features that most people would want and need from a plugin like this.
  • If you wish to upgrade to a ELITE license, please open a support ticket and we can tell you the best way for you to upgrade based on your current license.

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