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S3MediaVault v25

By Ravi Jayagopal | S3MediaVault

S3MediaVault v25.1 now is FINAL (so you can upgrade to it even if you're on a live website).

These are the updates and new features part of version 25.0 & 25.1. Check out the full change log here.

  • NEW: Now you can add a Watermark to your videos - either an Image or Logo, or Text. You can add it in any corner of your video.
  • NEW: Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right.
  • NEW: If you use text, you can choose the text color as well as the background color for that text.
  • NEW: Both the image/logo or text can also be linked to any URL of your choice, so that if someone clicks on the image or text, it will open a new tab and take them to that website URL.
  • NEW: "Unmute to Watch Video" animated label shows on Auto-Play videos which start playing on Mute (to satisfy browser restrictions on auto-play)
  • NEW: If they click "Unmute" on the volume icon, or if they click on the animated label "Unmute to Watch Video", or if they click anywhere on the video, the video will automatically start playing from the beginning, so that they don't miss out on the few seconds that they watched while the video was on mute.
  • NEW: Video Playlists now highlight which video is being played via the buttons below
  • NEW: Video Playlists will no longer loop when it reaches the end of your playlist
  • NEW: Improved Auto-Play management in Video Playlists
  • NEW: Video.js version upgraded to latest in the Video Playlist Player
  • NEW: S3MediaVault version number added to the top of Settings page so you don't have to go to Plugins page just to check the version
  • NEW: Improved Plugin License Management
  • FIX: Bug fixed in Watermark Color settings (Elite license feature)
  • FIX: Bug fixed in files conflicting with our other plugin, CoolCastPlayer.com


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