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S3MediaVault v26

By Ravi Jayagopal | S3MediaVault

S3MediaVault v26.0 Beta is here with some really cool new features...

Check out the full change log here.

  • NEW: S3 PDF Viewer that lets your members click on the PDF link, and an online web viewer will open up the PDF right within the browser itself.
  • Click here to see a demo.
  • They no longer have to download the PDF first in order to read it - they can read it right on your website itself, right within their browser.
  • Of course, this is an additional option for PDF files - the existing option of creating a regular downloadable PDF link is still available.
  • This new feature makes is REALLY REALLY HARD to download the PDF, because it hides and obfuscates the source as much as possible without impeding the usability and without impacting viewer experience.
  • There will always be ways around downloading a PDF - like taking screenshots of every page. So this is not guaranteed to prevent the PDF download. But it does make it pretty hard for most casual users.
  • Use this option IF and ONLY IF you actually want to prevent your members from downloading your PDF's.
  • We still recommend using the old regular option of allowing your paying members to download it, but if there's a critical reason why you prefer not to let them download the PDF's, now you have that option as well.
  • NEW: Ability to set custom start and end times for the video right in the shortcode itself.
  • Eg., [s3mvp id="10" s="30" e="90"]. With this shortcode, when viewer clicks play, the video will start at 30 seconds into the video, and will automatically stop at 90 seconds.
  • If you use this custom start and end times in the shortcode, it will allow you to skip past some of the intro of the video, and start playing the video at an important part. And you can make it stop right before the outro, if you feel that the intro and outro are not important to the viewer's experience.
  • NEW: Closed Captions now available for Video Playlists as well (they were already available for single Videos)
  • When you create a Playlist, each video in the playlist will now allow you to specify a Captions File (.vtt) and the Captions Language to the video. Captions are optional.
  • For eg., if you have a Video playlist with 4 videos, 2 of them could have captions, and 2 of them not have captions. Or none of them could have Captions. Or ALL of the could have Captions.
  • NEW: New checkbox that will allow you to automatically create a download link for Standard Videos (non-streaming) by checking a check box in the Video Settings section of a shortcode.
  • This will allow you to not have to create a separate shortcode just for the standard video (both S3 & CloudFront). And it provides your members an easy way to download your video even if you don't explicitly create a download link. Saves you some work, and makes it easy for your members. Win/win!
  • FIX: Small change to "Browse" S3 browser button on the shortcode page to exclude unnecessary files.

Check out the full change log here.

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