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S3 WordPress Plugin for Amazon

By Ravi Jayagopal | S3MediaVault

S3MediaVault (S3MV) is one of the leading WordPress plugins for securely embedding your files stored on Amazon S3.

It also integrates with Amazon CloudFront - which means blazing speeds for your downloads.

The basic idea is this: Your website is not great for storing large media - like Video and Audio. Probably not even PDF files, if they will be downloaded by a large number of people at the same time.

So you basically "outsource" your media files to Amazon S3.

You upload your media files - Video, Audio, PDF, Zip & Doc files - that you need to protect, and make available only to authorized members of your membership site or online course - to Amazon S3.

But if you simply take the public link that Amazon S3 gives you and embed them in the member's area on your website, then that public link can easily be shared with other unauthorized, non-paying members, maybe even pirated by posting on a Facebook group or online forum, and now people are getting access to your secure content without even paying for it (and sometimes, without even giving you an email.

You don't want that. So you store the files on Amazon S3. And you need a piece of software that can securely connect to S3 in real-time, generate a secure, expiring link that will only work from your website, and that too only for a limited amount of time (from the time it was generated).

And you want it all to be automated. And you want it to be easy to upload files to your Amazon S3 account. You want to easily manage all of your files on S3, and you want to be able to delete unused files.

And that's where S3MediaVault comes in. 

S3MediaVault is a WordPress plugin that can connect to your Amazon S3 account (once you give it the proper secret and public keys from your AWS account), generate secure links to your video, audio, pdf and other files, and embed them on any page of your choice, in the member's area of your website.

And then, it lets you add "Amazon CloudFront" integration on top of it, so that your media files become downloadable at blazing fast speeds.

And S3MediaVault can create beautiful Video players for your video files, Audio players for your Audio files, and downloadable links for your PDF files. So it can protect all of your files, and also make it easy to consume.

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Also, don't forget to watch the videos on the home page at S3MediaVault.com.


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